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Feminist Rage Page

Equality never looked so pissed.

The Feminist Rage Page
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This is the Feminist Rage Page, originally brought to you by hothead, homicidal lesbian terrorist extraordinaire. She created this community because she is pissed off, and so are you. The world gives us so much to be angry about, and then tells us not to be angry. Here is your space. Scream it out loud.

Before you do that, however, please read the rest of this page thoroughly. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for breaking them. If you post in this forum before reading the rules, and your post violates the rules, you may be subject to suspension of your posting privileges. If you need clarification of any of the following rules, please email a moderator before posting.

Rants on both a personal level (my boss is such a raging sexist bully) and societal level (Christina Hoff Sommers is the antifeminist antichrist) are welcome. To preserve the mission and meaning of this space, please limit your posts to rants. If you want to ask a question or share an article, you absolutely must also post a rant that has something to do with your feminism. Even if the implicit connection seems obvious to you, you must explicitly tie your post to some form of feminism. If you want to post articles, links, action alerts, and other such materials in a safe-space community, please visit our sister community feminist_action. If you are having trouble making the explicit connection to feminism or you are unsure of whether your post is appropriate for this forum, any or all of the moderators are available by email to help you with your post.

The primary purpose of this community is to exist as a safe space where
a) Members may post about their rage and seek support, and
b) Other members may offer their support to the posters.
Please keep this in mind before commenting on another member's post.

Contrary to popular belief, feminism must have a definition. This community has always been, is now, and will forever be pro-choice. Anti-choice is anti-feminist. See rule 3(g) for details.

Rules, rights, and regulations: (Last update: 01/12/10)

                      1) General Posting Regulations

a)No spam or quizzes, unless you have a really good reason. No community promos, although you are welcome to mention a community if it is relevant to your rant or if you are crossposting.

b)If you want to introduce yourself, please also give us a rant. This is a good way to engage other members in discussion and meet people who share your views.

c)If you post a link to an article, please also post the text behind an lj cut for preservation and convenience purposes. If you are going to post a link, please provide some context and commentary in rant form. If you post a link or an article and do not post a rant as well, your post will be deleted.

d)Posts are friends-only by default. You are welcome to make your post public by editing the post and changing the security to "Public."

e)If your rant is extremely long (as in, it takes up three-quarters or more of the screen), please put the majority of it behind a cut. You should leave the initial paragraph or two so we can get an idea of what lies behind the cut. If you do not know how to cut, you can learn here.

f)You must enable comments for your posts. Deleting posts and comments is a moderator job. Except for purposes of spelling/grammar correction, you may not delete comments. Do not delete other people's comments in your posts. Do not delete your own comments in other people's posts. Do not delete your own comments in your own posts. Do not freeze threads in your own post. Finally, although you may do so if you feel it is necessary, please refrain from deleting your own posts.

g) There are numerous schools of thought within the feminist movement, and are distinct from anti-feminist/anti-choice sentiments that sometimes come in the guise of feminism. Posters will be respectful of these other opinions and not "call out" other feminists in their posts.

h)The interests section reflects the varied interests of community members. It is a way for like-minded folk to find us, and also a great suggestion list for authors and research. If you are a member and have a suggestion for the interest list, contact the mods.

                               2) Moderating

a)zorah, belladonnalin, madamjolie, maclyn, catwoman980, panic_girl, night101owl, seekingsartre, bluestareyed and emzebel reserve the right to delete posts and to ban for offenses including (but not necessarily limited to) intentional violation of any of the rules on this page.
We will work as a team and consult each other before making any permanent decisions.

b)To avoid trolling, the community has been closed. Membership is contingent upon approval from the moderators, and only members can post and comment. To join the community, you may click the link at the top of the page. Livejournal will automatically notify the moderators, who will assess your interest in the community based on your public journal entries and list of interests. If your request is denied and you would like the decision to be reconsidered, you may email the moderators; most users who ask for reconsideration become members of the community. Please note that a polite email is key to reconsideration. Please include all moderators on your request to facilitate your discussion. Emailing a single moderator on a request for reconsideration will result in a delay in your reconsideration while we determine which moderator made the initial decision.

c)Only members may post in the community. However, members who comment with the intention of mocking or personally insulting other members are also violating safe space guidelines and appropriate action will be taken at the discretion of the moderators. Bans and the reasons behind them will in most cases be announced to the membership.

                               3) Safe Space

a)This is a safe space for feminists and all female-identified folk: womyn, transwomen, women, wimmin, grrls, and so forth. All genders and sexualities are welcome here and the mods will do our best to make sure everyone feels safe. If you feel unsafe, let a mod know, and we will do our best to address the issue.

b)If another member of this community sets off your rage, please do not name the member or make it clear that the member has enraged you. If someone in another community upsets you, you may link to that community, but not to a personal journal. However, we ask that posters do not incite cross-community drama, and that members do not engage in cross-community drama. Do not, for any reason, link to someone's personal journal without express permission. By trolling this community, you give the moderators express permission to post a link to your journal in the ban announcement.

c)We recognize that the 'isms' work together to create all the things that piss us off. In short: no racist, sexist, homophobic, classist, ablist, or transphobic statments.

(i)Nobody needs a reminder that privileged groups feel pain too; an indictment of one 'ism' is not a dismissal of every other wrong in existence. If you belong to a privileged group, you will most likely be checked at one time or another. Before getting defensive, look back at your post and query whether you deserved it. Repeated and unchecked assertion of privilege will in most cases warrant a ban.

(ii)The desire to disbelieve or belittle others' posts goes hand in hand with privilege. If a member's valid rage is disbelieved or belittled in a way that disrupts the safe space, appropriate action will be taken at the discretion of the moderators.

(iii)The members of this community enjoy a space in which they may freely discuss both historical and contemporary sexism, discrimination, and the effects thereof on womyn. These discussions may include observations about how men contribute to sexism and discrimination. This is not "reverse sexism." The members of this community are free to reasonably discuss the ways in which men contribute to sexism and discrimination without being accused of sexism themselves.

(iv) Various "isms" work together to create oppression, but this does not make them the same or comparable. It is not acceptable to compare 'isms' either in your post, or in the comments.

d)This is also a safe space for survivors of sexual assault and relationship violence. No survivor/victim blaming or otherwise inflammatory statements will be tolerated in regards to this issue. Please remember to put any potential triggers behind a cut. If you're unsure about whether the material is potentially triggering, put it behind a cut anyway.

e)All language containing violent imagery must be placed behind a cut with a trigger warning, and may not be used in the header for a post. Violent imagery is the description of physical harm to a person or the use of violent words and phrases including (but not limited to) 'beat' 'strangle' or 'stab.' Use your discretion when choosing an icon; stay away from icons which display violent images that may be triggering to survivors of sexual assault or other violence. If you are not sure about a word, phrase, or icon, the moderators welcome your inquiries through email.

f)Trigger warnings should be specific to the material behind the cut so potential readers know which posts to avoid. Triggering posts should be clearly labeled with a cut announcing the type of trigger, such as sexual assault or relationship violence.

g)Anti-choice arguments have no place here. This is a safe space for all womyn, including those who have had abortions. If you want to debate the morality of abortion, even if only to play the devil's advocate, this is not the community for you. In this community, the debate has been won by those who feel that womyn can make their own medical choices. We also believe that there is no place for the statement "I am pro-choice but ...". Finally, if you state or imply that abortion is murder, the moderators may take such action as deletion of comments, possible revocation of posting privileges, and possible revocation of membership.

h)Unless you have permission from the original poster, do not cut and paste portions of posts or entire posts into other communities for any reason. This applies to other members' comments as well. If you cut and paste or link to another member's post or comment on your own journal in a public post for the purposes of mockery, the moderators may revoke your membership privileges. Plagiarism, for obvious reasons, is also prohibited.

i)If you are not a feminist or female-identified, you may not feel safe. That's okay. Join another community.

j) If the mods feel that a user has broken the safe space rules maliciously and/or intentionally, that user will be banned immediately.

k) It is not appropriate or respectful to link to a fem_rage post from outside the community, or to join in on a discussion tearing a post apart, without the OP's express permission. Access to private posts in feminist_rage (that is, membership) is contingent upon an agreement to show some degree of respect for what you see posted here.

l)feminist_rage is not a debate community. Engaging in debate, or otherwise failing to be supportive of a rage posted here, will result in warnings and/or banning at the mods' discretion.

m) Just as it is not appropriate to make comments within feminist_rage which are not supportive of the rage, neither is it appropriate to contact a member of feminist_rage outside of the community with such comments. This includes making comments in another member's personal journal, contacting them through the LiveJournal Private Messaging system, or sending an email with commentary that is unsupportive of the rage.

Trolling will not be tolerated. Just try it. Having a troll problem? Contact one of the mods by email. Please CC all moderators to ensure a quick response. Do not contact the moderators on their personal journals, as they will become cranky.

This community is moderated by
zorah at maizorah@gmail.com
catwoman980 at catwoman980@gmail.com
belladonnalin at belladonnalin@yahoo.com
maclyn at zombieratNOSPAM@gmail.com (please remove spam trap when emailing)
madamjolie at jolie@freudian-slip.org
panic_girl at panicgirlNOSPAM@gmail.com (please remove spam trap when emailing)
night101owl at night101owl@livejournal.com
seekingsartre at goddess.huckaby@gmail.com
bluestareyed at bluestareyed@yahoo.com
emzebel at emzebel@hotmail.com

If you have a problem with another member or another livejournal user, it is preferable that you CC all moderators, as it makes our internal communication much easier, but you may contact us individually if you do not feel comfortable speaking with all of us.

If you would like to use these rules as a basis for your own community's rules, that's wonderful. We're very flattered. They're good rules, we think they work very well, and we'd love to share them with like-minded communities. However, to avoid plagiarizing, you must ask before copying and pasting our rules to your community, and you must publicly credit feminist_rage.

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